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Xbox 360-

1.The light in the middle of the xbox logo looks 3d. 2.The word “Xbox” is green which suggests livliness of the xbox. 3.The x on the sphere stands for xbox. 4.The numbers 360 are in grey so the word “xbox” stands out more. 5. The silver sphere stands out with the green “X”.


Jackie Chan official logo-

1.The word “Jackie” is incorporated inwith chinese writing. 2.A dove is inthe logo, which symbolizes peace. 3.The word “Jackie” is written in a fun flowing way. 4.The word “Jackie” is a rearrangment of big and little letters. 5.The symbols underneath “Jackie” can make you curious about what it is?

Vue cinemas logo-

1.The orange and yellow blend well together. 2.The word “Vue” has a shine on it which makes it stand out a bit more. 3. The way it looks like the light is reflecting through is cool. 4. Cinemas is bold but dull which shows its an ordinary cinema. 5. The logo is big so it is easy to see from far away.

Gears of war-

1. The blood is in the shape of a gear. 2. The skull looks violent. 3.The blood dripping suggests violence and death in the game. 4.The black background stands out really well. 5.The red stands out on the black background.

Rockstar energy drink logo-

1.The yellow star in the black background looks like a star in the night. 2.The title “Rockstar” has a star to replace the “A”, which is clever. 3. It is clearly stated in red that it is an energy drink. 4.The title “Rockstar” has a golden shine which would relate to the “star” being golden. 5. The white outline on the star makes it stand apart from the background.

One Piece logo-

1.The first thing you see is the skull, which is good because it attracts the viewer. 2. The “I” in Piece is an outline of the main character. 3. The “E” in Piece is shaped like an anchor, which is significant because its a logo for an anime about pirates. 4. The skull is the “O” which is clever. 5.The word “ONE PIECE” is bold and blue, bold so it stands out and blue because it has a refernce to the sea.

Argos logo-

1. Two primary colours used for foreground and background. 2. Argos is in bold letters so it stands out. 3. The flick of theĀ “A” looks like a smile, happy customer. 4. Logo is bright which shows its for all audiences. 5. The white out line is perfectly around argos to make it stand out more.