One Piece logo-

1.The first thing you see is the skull, which is good because it attracts the viewer. 2. The “I” in Piece is an outline of the main character. 3. The “E” in Piece is shaped like an anchor, which is significant because its a logo for an anime about pirates. 4. The skull is the “O” which is clever. 5.The word “ONE PIECE” is bold and blue, bold so it stands out and blue because it has a refernce to the sea.


Argos logo-

1. Two primary colours used for foreground and background. 2. Argos is in bold letters so it stands out. 3. The flick of the “A” looks like a smile, happy customer. 4. Logo is bright which shows its for all audiences. 5. The white out line is perfectly around argos to make it stand out more.

Bugatti logo-

1. Its simply written Bugatti. 2. White writing stands out well on red background. 3. It has the Bugatti logo above the writting. 4. The logo is reconigisable. 5. The chrome stands out.

Lynx-  1. Good Designs. 2. Good use of the word “temptation” 3. Its for the male target audience. 4. The colours blend in well. 5. The writing stands out because its on a black background.

Disturbed- Indestructible

I have chosen this image because it shows the mascot walking through the fire, which i personally like being action. I have chosen this band because i am into this genre of music. I like the typeface that is used because it catches the bands boldness which is also associated by the name of the album “Indestructible”.

JOS creative studio

Jos creative studio has a greatly designed website with the red swoosh at the top with the red and black blending nicley. The JOS logo is dark red and the black background looks cool in the back.

Amazon has a great house style with the navagation bar on the left hand side with drop down buttons to enable you to search more throughly in that category.  Amazon have placed the search bar on the top middle of the page, so it is easy to see and type in your requested item to browse or purchase. What makes Amazon a great website is how easy the site is to navigate and also if the user doesn’t know what to look for then there is a range of items to look at. Your recent history is located at the bottom left of the page in case you lost the item you were looking for. The Amazon logo is located at the top left corner of the page.