Analysis of portfolio websites

This is a portfolio website that i found when researching website designs suitable for portfolio content. I think that this website is a good portfolio site because the background shows education. The title tells the viewers that the site is about media. The site has easy navagation and i think overall it’s a good site for a portfolio site but lacks design.

This is a decent portfolio site. I like this site just because of the icons used as buttons and the banner which is made of pixels. For an art site i think that the pages are a bit bland and plain.

This is my favourite art portfolio site, i think that this site shows the extent of art with creative buttons and icons. The site has a very good design and almost looks as if it has a personal touch.


Website design analysis

5) Blue inc website. I like the blue inc site because it’s easy to navagate and the page isn’t that long, so looking at it it’s short, easy to take in information and the buttons have a drop down menu as shown in the picture above. As well as the ease of navagation i like the main design of the site. Looking at the homepage the white bold logo saying blue inc is smartly placed on the black background. When you look at the big pink banner in the middle, to me the use of pink and the way the colour is around with the smashed window look shows me that this website is urban.

4)Top Gear. Despite being a fan of the motoring series i do find the Top Gear website well designed. When watching the show i can see the kind of atmosphere the show has with driving exotic cars through open roads and doing experiments with cars, i think that this kind of atmosphere is shown within the website. The Top Gear racetrack as the background gives the site a sense of brightness and the main article of the site is white which brightens the mood of the website in my opinion. The presenters of the show are carfully presented at the centre of the page and also centered with the navagational buttons and drop down menus underneath them. This site  has been modified so it reflects the nature and personality of the show. I  prefer this Top Gear site to the previous site which was just a couple of pages linked to the BBC site. This one has more room for improvment and more ideas can be shown. If some of the visually strong images were transfered from the cover of the book to the website it would be more interactive in a way and more visually pleasing to look at.

3)Mousetricks- A website by Melanie Armstrong, i like this website because she has incorporated her work into the site which gives it an artistic feel to it rather than just an image placed randomly in the corner . The fonts of her navagational buttons are almost in a script typeface with each button written in a different way given each button a unique appearance of its own. Although having studied Melanie Armstrong’s work i feel that this site shows her talent as an artist , so someone who has never heard of her before can still appreciate her work. Even without her wonderful illustrations the site is very simple and easy to use.

2)Footytube- A great website for football fans of any age, this site shows just about anything you need to know like what team your club is playing next and all sorts. The website is perfect for the majority of the target audience, saying that the design of the website isn’t all that dull and the website has a very easy navagation system. Footytube is a great site for all football fans and on one page you can see images, videos comments, statistics and the current tables, so with all these attributes to this website the designers have done a great job seeing as their is plently of space and it’s not all cramped together.

1) Blackberry- With blackberry having such a big range of mobile phones and lots of information to store on their site you’d think the site would be a long page that just drags out, but suprisingly the Blackberry website is as sleek as the phones themselves, what i love about the design of this website is it’s carefully sectioned, for example like in the image above it shows the smartphones section and then has the name of the phone and an image in the drop down menu. Also the ease of clicking an arrow to take you to more information instead of just squashing it all on one page. So this is why Blackberry is my n0.1 designed site.


Xbox 360-

1.The light in the middle of the xbox logo looks 3d. 2.The word “Xbox” is green which suggests livliness of the xbox. 3.The x on the sphere stands for xbox. 4.The numbers 360 are in grey so the word “xbox” stands out more. 5. The silver sphere stands out with the green “X”.

Jackie Chan official logo-

1.The word “Jackie” is incorporated inwith chinese writing. 2.A dove is inthe logo, which symbolizes peace. 3.The word “Jackie” is written in a fun flowing way. 4.The word “Jackie” is a rearrangment of big and little letters. 5.The symbols underneath “Jackie” can make you curious about what it is?

Vue cinemas logo-

1.The orange and yellow blend well together. 2.The word “Vue” has a shine on it which makes it stand out a bit more. 3. The way it looks like the light is reflecting through is cool. 4. Cinemas is bold but dull which shows its an ordinary cinema. 5. The logo is big so it is easy to see from far away.

Gears of war-

1. The blood is in the shape of a gear. 2. The skull looks violent. 3.The blood dripping suggests violence and death in the game. 4.The black background stands out really well. 5.The red stands out on the black background.

Rockstar energy drink logo-

1.The yellow star in the black background looks like a star in the night. 2.The title “Rockstar” has a star to replace the “A”, which is clever. 3. It is clearly stated in red that it is an energy drink. 4.The title “Rockstar” has a golden shine which would relate to the “star” being golden. 5. The white outline on the star makes it stand apart from the background.